IMSP - Institutul de Ftiziopneumologie "Chiril Draganiuc"

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Diagnostic Service

The chief:
Nicolae Nalivaico, doctor in medicine, associate professor
The performed services:
  • the establishment of the functional deregulations and the treatment of the patients with chronic and acute affections of the breathing apparatus, inclusive those accompanied or complicated by various cardio- vascular pathologies;
  • bronchitis exams with the use of some materials for cytological, hystopathological and microbiological researches;
  • endo- bronchial treatment;
  • spirography, pulsoximetry, capnography for the establishment of a functional lung deficit and the evaluation of the efficiency of the treatment;
  • electrocardiography and veloergometry;
  • diagnosis and treatment of the ORL organs pathologies.
  • complex radiological investigations (radioscopy, radiography) of the patients with various pathologies of the breathing, ostheoarticullar and other systems;
  • conventional tomography;
  • diagnostically radiophotography;
  • intravenous urolography;
  • upward pielography;
  • cistography;
  • the guidance of the activity of the radiologists and radiology technicians from the phtiziopneumological institutions with the evaluation of the quality of the radiological exams, with the grant of methodical, practical aid and the implementation of new methods of radio diagnostic investigations. The grant of the organizer- methodical support to the radiologic service from the republic regarding the timely discovery of tuberculosis and other non-specifically diseases of the breathing apparatus.