IMSP - Institutul de Ftiziopneumologie "Chiril Draganiuc"

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The tuberculosis, as an infectious disease with obvious social impact, didn’t avoid the Republic of Moldova. Thus, in 1945 were recorded 2112 cases of tuberculosis, inclusive 90,5% of bacilli ferum, while towards 1951 their number reached 13410 cases.
The foundation of an Institute of Scientific Researches was an obvious necessity for the organization and the unfolding of the ant tuberculosis fight in the republic. This important event took place on 01.10.1959, when as part of the Republican Antituberculosis Health unit was founded the Institute of Scientific Researches in Tuberculosis with a capacity of 100 beds, inclusive the sections: Health unit, Methodical-organizer, Medical, Osteo-articular tuberculosis, uro-genital, Thoracic surgery with Anestesiology clinical subdivision, Phisiotherapy, pharmacy, Clinical-biochemical laboratory. Proceeding from the last, in 1967 it is founded the Bacteriological laboratory having as a role the coordination of the bacteriology service in the ant tuberculosis institutions from the republic.
Another subdivision created from the beginnings was the Morphopathology Section where there were applied methods of histological, histochemical investigations, electronical and luminescent microscopy, with vivarium, that served as diagnosis method through the biological test.
As part of the Institute it was organized the Republican Centre of Prophylactic Radiophotography.
The first director of the Institute was Vasile Socol that in 1962 created the Phthisiology department.
With a view to increase the level of scientific knowledge and information of the superior qualification phthisiologists, in 1960 it was created the Society of the Phthisiologists from RM.
In 1968 it was opened a new section – Differential diagnosis of tuberculosis.
In ’70-80 it was organized the Clinic nr. 3, where there were unfolded the child and teenager’s tuberculosis sections. In the same period, the Republican Institute and Sanatorium of Tuberculosis from Vorniceni, that later was named the nr. 2 Clinic of the Institute, now the Hospital of tuberculosis diseases from Vorniceni, there were merged in a single institution with a capacity of 700 beds. The director of this institution is the specialist with renown in domain, Chiril Draganiuc, that led the institute only for two years, but the left traces were significant.
From its foundation in the Institute are effected scientific researches with a view to the elaboration of efficient methods of prophylaxis, reveal, diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis and nonspecific pulmonary diseases. In the long run, the Institute becomes a scientific-practical forum of coordination of the specialized methodical- organizing assistance, of a high qualification.
For the development and improvement of the medical assistance in the nonspecific pulmonary pathology, in 1977 it was organized the Republican Centre of Pneumology and the scientific group in pneumology.
In 1977, after the reorganization of the Institute of Scientific Researches in the Preventive and Clinical Medicine, it take place the reconstitution of the Institute of Phthisiopneumology, and in 2004, through the Government Decision nr. 1142 from 15.10.2004, it is awarded the name „Chiril Draganiuc”.
In different periods, as director of the Institute were 11 personalities.