IMSP - Institutul de Ftiziopneumologie "Chiril Draganiuc"

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Service of the Medical Rehabilitation

Grants specialised medical aid, orientated towards the rehabilitation of the patients’ organism with tuberculosis and non specific breathing pathology with a view to a definitive recovery or increasing the process of recovery or installing of the remission.
The section has medical apparatus with a capacity of more than 360 sessions on a change;
The profile of the section:
  • laser therapy in the complex treatment of the bronchitis asthma;
  • heparin-CSM-phoresis in the treatment of the chronic bronchitis;
  • long electromagnetically waves in the treatment of acute pneumonias;
  • millimetre electromagnetically waves of extra high frequency in the treatment of the bronchitis asthma and vegetal-vascular dittany;
  • galvanisation, electrophoresis, phototherapy (ultra-violet razes, ultra-red irradiation);
  • diadynamic currents, CDD- phoresis, modulated sinusoidal currents (CSM), CSM-phoresis;
  • the therapy with microwaves (SMV) and decimetre microwaves (DMV), Ultra sound, Ultra phoresis, Interferential currents, short ultra violet waves (RUS), electrotherapy with high frequencies (EVT-RUS);
  • inhalations;
  • kinetic therapy;
  • Massage.