IMSP - Institutul de Ftiziopneumologie "Chiril Draganiuc"

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The Pathological anatomy section

The chief of the section:
Ion Haidarli, doctor habilitat in medicineб corresponding member of MASM

The performed services:
  • the estimation of the morphological characteristics of the specific and non specific inflammations in different apparatus and anatomic systems;
  • the evaluation of the tissue reactions and of the lung interstice demodulations in different phases of the tuberculosis inflammation, the morphological characteristics of the process of resumption and the heal of non tuberculosis wounds, the involving level of the conjunctive tissue in the treatment of non tuberculosis wounds and the grade of fibrous;
  • the establishment of the morphological criterions of differential diagnosis of the fibrous demodulations, of the character and spreading of the lung fibrous in accordance with the form of tuberculosis, the age of the disease, the particularities of the ant tuberculosis therapy;
  • the evaluation of the pathogen particularities and the process of fibrous in the lung tuberculosis, the characteristics of the decease through tuberculosis, clinic-morphological structures of the tuberculosis;
  • the establishment of the frequency and proportion of different forms of tuberculosis in the decease through other diseases and causes;
  • the establishment of the immediate causes of deceases  through other diseases and causes;
  • the establishment of the tuberculosis frequency discovered too late and post-mortem;
  • histological, histochemical, biochemical, morphometry  investigations;
  • electronic and limelight microscopy;
  • the statistic analyse of the epidemiometric indicators of tuberculosis.