IMSP - Institutul de Ftiziopneumologie "Chiril Draganiuc"

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The clinic

As part of the Institute of Phthisiopneumology" Chiril Draganiuc" work 10 sections and scientific laboratories; 7 clinical sections with 300 beds and 8 Paraclinic sections and laboratories endowed with modern medical equipment. The Consultative section, The section of Phthysiopneumology I, The section of Phthysiopneumology II, The section of Phthysiopneumology III, The section of Diagnosis and Treatment of tuberculosis, The Multidrogresistens section, The section of Thoracic Surgery, The section of the Extrarespiratory Tuberculosis, The section of Anaesthesiology and Reanimation, The section of Medical Recovery, The section of Functional Diagnosis, Endoscopy and ORL, The Radiology section, The Laboratory of Medical Diagnosis, The National Reference Laboratory, The Morphopathology section, The section of Monitory, estimation and integration of the medical assistance service, Clinical subdivisions, The Pharmacy.